Editor in Chief — Vivien Jerez

Assistant Editor — Jacob Adams

News Editor — Lacey Berig

Staff Writers — Stewart Ricker, Camille Liptak

Copy Editor — Tswana Caine
Social Media & Marketing — Camille Liptak, Kit Waggoner, and Dr. LaChelle Schilling
Faculty Adviser — Dionne Howell
Publisher — Sarah McMahon

The Paper at PPCC focuses on the student experience. We illustrate the strength and intellect of our campus community by exploring events, important news topics, arts and culture, and opinions here on campus.

We are proud to not take an editorial stance as we will publish various points of view as long as the content is verifiable and sourced well.

Consider joining the team through JOU 105, 106, & 215. Talk with your advisor or email paper@ppcc.edu or parley@ppcc.edu for more information.

Staff Archive:

Founders–Deidre Schoolcraft and Jenna Benson


Joe Barton

Devon Martinez

Vivien Jerez

Jacob Adams

Kirkpatrick Bundy

Stewart Ricker


Devon Martinez

Jacob Adams


Camille Liptak

Jake Atlinger

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