Welcome to the student driven newspaper, The Paper at PPCC. The student voice continues to be a point of emphasis for PPCC. The Journalism program has been growing over the last few years and the college wants to provide a vehicle for your voices. The last time the school had a newspaper was over 10 years ago. The news industry has changed and PPCC is changing with it. With the new online format, it is more accessible than ever.

Leading the program this time around is Professor Deidre Schoolcraft, a longtime PPCC professor, and Assistant Professor Jenna Benson, a 2004 PPCC graduate and recently hired full-time professor. Between them, they have extensive experience both professionally and academically. They can be contacted for any Journalism program questions at jenna.benson@ppcc.edu, and deidre.schoolcraft@ppcc.

With an exciting new venture in the world of online publications, The Paper is looking to bring a fresh take on student and community news, as well as to highlight the great events at PPCC. Sections will include everything from sports and news to art and culture.

While the journalism program has always remained a track option for an Associate’s Degree, without a student paper and fewer classes being offered over the last few years, there was a clear decline in students interested in the Journalism field. This in turn made for low enrollments for some of those Journalism specific classes, keeping them available only online through CCCS. To work at The Paper, you should enroll in JOU 106. JOU 105 is highly recommended ahead of time, or concurrently.

PPCC is hopeful that the rebirth of the student paper with a solid group of student journalists enrolled for the semester, will be the start of a much brighter future for the Journalism department. Either way, the students enrolled are excited to help create a brand new platform in which student voices can be heard, and current news can be shared.


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