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Announcement from the Faculty Editors

Dear PPCC Community,

To better accommodate our learning student journalists and all of you who provide the stories, The Paper is going to become what it was intended to be: an online publication.

We have been operating like a print weekly with online content, but that format and time structure is not working very well for busy student reporters and their interview subjects.

The new format, publishing stories as they are ready, will be much more in keeping with new media practices and will allow us to be more thorough in our reporting.

We know many of you look forward to the refreshed content every Thursday, so we will try to send out updates as major stories appear, but otherwise are hoping you will treat us like your favorite news source and click on us a few times a week to see what’s up.

Thanks for reading student journalism and supporting The Paper!

Jenna Benson & Deidre Schoolcraft


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