Camila Cabello’s Solo Debut Hits RnB High Note

By Ciara Pack, reporter

Camila Cabello has paved the way for Latinas in pop music with her debut album, Camila.

Fresh out of girl group, Fifth Harmony, Camila has come roaring into the spotlight with her infectious RnB inspired album.

Her self-titled album was released on January 12, 2018 and hit number one on the Billboard Top 200. Her album sold 119,000 units the first week in.

Making history, Camila is the first female artist to have a number one debut album in the last three years. Following up behind Meghan Trainor’s album Title back in 2015.

“Never Be the Same” kicks off the album with a love ballad that has a more serious tone. Showing off her vocals, it has rightfully earned its spot at top debut on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

“All These Years” is an acoustic piece on the softer side. Camila shares a sad, yet heartfelt story of running into an ex.

“She Loves Control” is definitely a great hit for the club, with a bit of Spanish flare. It’s an ode to summer with its hammering bassline and infectious lyrics.

“Havana” is unarguably Camila’s most recognizable hit. As her second single, it went to number one on the Billboard top 100 just after “Never be the Same” entered the Top 40. An ode to her home in Havana, Cuba, the song is infused with Latin beats and a club like rhythm.

“Inside Out” is a reggae-ton inspired hit with a fast-paced tempo made for dancing.

“Consequences” is a ballad that shows off Camila’s tender side. With stripped down vocals and a piano as the back track, she sings of a love she once had.

“Real Friends” Camila slows it down a bit again with this track. She sings of bad company and how she just wants real people in her life. With a mellow tone and only a single guitar playing, this track is one of her calmer hits.

“Something’s Gotta Give” another heartfelt song off the track list, this one is an ode to failing relationships. With barely any instrumentals, this song makes for a tearjerker.

“In the Dark” this velvety ballad includes strong vocals from Camila. With dark undertones and a soft melody, this song will make any listeners reminisce on old loves. She sings of wanting her partner to show her their “dark parts”.

“Into It” is the last track off the album and arguably one of the catchiest. This sexy song has a lot of production going into it. She uses falsetto in the beginning of the song and a contagious beat throughout.

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