Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: 2017’s Adjunct Instructor of the Year Speaks Up

By Sapphire Gallegos, reporter Seated comfortably inside classroom A150, Communications Professor Dorothy Williams had a huge smile on her face, excited to talk about her congratulations on the win of Adjunct Instructor of the Year. “I am honored to be receiving this award,” Williams said as she sat up straight in her chair. For twenty …
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Faculty Spotlight: Emily Forand, 2017’s Faculty of the Year Connects and Respects

By Hannah Manandhar Zwahlen, reporter This year, the Faculty of the Year award was received by College Composition and Reading Professor Emily Forand, who has taught at Pikes Peak Community College for six years. Not only is she a professor, she is also the President of the Colorado Association for Development Education (CoADE), CCR Department …
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Faculty Spotlight: Saundra Bouchie Acts Up

by Bradley Firebird, reporter Beloved Drama Professor Saundra Bouchie, a former movie production assistant and independent filmmaker, brings her passion for the arts to Pikes Peak Community College. Bouchie currently teaches several drama classes: Acting I and II, Voice and Articulation, Play writing, Dialects, Intro to Film Art and Theatre Appreciation. Bouchie says she became …
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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Regina Lewis, Body Model, Shoe Model and Role Model

By Brian Pharies Despite a life of personal challenges, Doctor Regina Lewis, Co-Chair of Communications at Pikes Peak Community College persevered through several degrees in higher education to earn her doctorate, become an executive coach for the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, and found her own company, Regina Speaking, a presentation and communication resource …
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Faculty Spotlight: Harley Acres Knows What it’s Like

    By Leslie James Art Professor Harley Acres is in his sixth year at PPCC, where he teaches Art Appreciation (both in class and online) and all three Art History classes offered: Pre-Historic to Medieval (Art 111), Renaissance to 1800s (Art 112), and Modern (Art 207). His classes are primarily located at Downtown Studio …
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Munick’s Business is Student Business

  By Brian Pharies  Professor Warren Munick, a long time Social Scientist and community organizer, is the Economics Chair and Advisor to the Entrepreneurs Club at Pikes Peak Community College.  Munick brings impressive experiences to PPCC, and he is responsible for several projects that have provided students with valuable resources. A graduate of Albright College, …
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