Opinion – Mac Demarco’s recent Red Rocks Performance showcased his talents

By Brian Ruminski – Student Reporter

A night filled with connectivity, bliss, and laid-back vibes is the best way to describe Mac Demarco’s recent performance on October 6th at Red Rocks amphitheater this month.

Demarco, a 29-year old from Canada released his first album in 2012, titled Rock and Roll Nightclub. That same year he released two more albums. Since then, Demarco has released 8 albums with each more popular than the last one. As of 2019, he released his 8th album, Here Comes the Cowboy, which received many positive reviews and kicked off his 2019 tour.

Demarco’s growing popularity is in part due to his well-known (among fans) wacky live performances and carefree attitude.

Sunday’s show marks his third performance at Red Rocks, his affinity for interacting with the crowd and making them laugh as well as jam out to his music is what separates him from most music artists. His music is widely described as indie with a hint of alternative, which sets the mood for a laid back and chill environment.

Before Demarco made his big debut on stage, opening bands, Snail Mail and Thundercat each played 5 of their most popular songs which resonated very well with the crowd while hyping up fans for Demarco’s upcoming performance.

Demarco came out on stage with his usual fashion of rambunctious jokes and crazy acts which included handstands and putting Snail Mail’s lead singer, Lindsey Jordan, on his shoulders while she played the main guitar riff from one of his tracks.

Demarco performed some of his new tracks from Here Comes the Cowboy but the majority of his set list was comprised of his most popular musical tracks which included, On the Level, Freaking Out of the Neighborhood, Chamber of Reflection, and My Kind of Woman.

Each song warranted praise and celebration from the audience and even after Demarco had left the stage, the loud and overwhelming cheers from the crowd got Demarco and the rest of his band to come out one more time for an encore in which they performed a cover of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

Demarco’s fans always have high energy and spirit when he performs and at his recent concert that showed clearly to not only old time fans but newcomers who have just been introduced to his music style and energetic spirit while performing live.

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