Cosmic Cannibal: October

By Camille Liptak – Staff Writer Fall has officially arrived, and day and night are as even as a see-saw. But the planets are picking up speed. Six planetary changes take place this month: Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Scorpio on the 3rd; then Mars, the planet of assertion enters Libra on the 4th; …
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Cosmic Cannibal Harvests Your October Forecast

By Camille Liptak, Staff Writer Retrograde alert! October starts off with a reverse transit for Venus in Scorpio, triggering a collective groan from every sign. Love, money, and art rule Venus. And those are just the things that retro Venus will rattle and reverse. The beginning of Fall will be bumpy for fire signs. Likewise, …
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Cosmic Cannibal Returns with your September Forecast

By Camille Liptak, Student Contributor Can you feel it, the shifting energy? September has brought more than just a new Fall semester schedule. Summer and all its retrogrades and eclipses are over, and never has there been such a widespread sigh of relief from the collective unconscious. Planets are direct! Fall is on its way! …
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Horoscope: Watch Out for Saturn’s Spring Fever

The completion of Mercury‚Äôs retrograde ushers in an Aries double whammy of warriorness when the sun and moon conjunct on the 15th. We will all be fighting for our right to feel and do as we please (expect mucho impulsiveness from those rams and fellow fire signs). Spring fever is definitely in the air, but …
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Cosmic Cannibal Horoscopes: Your March Forecast

March starts off with a Full Moon in Virgo (the first in two months!). From there through the 13th, Jupiter is busy rubbing shoulders with Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, which will boost some major mojo for the signs, leading to a surplus of fruitful thinking and self-confidence until the March 8th retrograde (hello contemplations!). …
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Horoscope: V-Day Aftermath

By Cosmic Cannibal February 15th marks the continuation of Valentines Day sentiments as 3 major astrological planets shift into Pisces. On the 17th and 18th, swift Mercury and the individualistic Sun catch up to beauty-seeking Venus, affecting our thoughts, will, and values (not to mention what we attract and how). The Piscean passage brings with …
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