Cosmic Cannibal: the Shifting Tides of March

By Camille Liptak, Staff Writer Great news! (I’m being sarcastic.) March starts off with a strange bang, as Venus enters air sign Aquarius. On the 5th, Mercury goes retrograde in water sign Pisces. Hooray! (More sarcasm.) Why the sarcasm, you ask? Well, sarcasm is a mode of satirical wit used to convey contempt…and retrogrades slow …
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The Cosmic Cannibal Declares a “backwards revolution” for November: Get Your Horoscope Here

By Camille Liptak, Staff Writer   Uh oh, looks like another retro. The most notorious retrograde transit is back, my fine young cannibals. That’s right: Mercury is heading towards a backwards revolution period starting on the 16th. And just when you thought the planets were straightening out (hello Venus direct in Libra) and you could …
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Cosmic Cannibal Horoscope: End of Semester Send Off

With the sun mid-way through Taurus and Venus in the airy sign of Gemini, the cosmos couldn’t create a better send-off for the end of term. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are as driven to manifest real changes as ever. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are getting their hands dirty with some creative projects. The airheads, Gemini, …
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Horoscope: Watch Out for Saturn’s Spring Fever

The completion of Mercury’s retrograde ushers in an Aries double whammy of warriorness when the sun and moon conjunct on the 15th. We will all be fighting for our right to feel and do as we please (expect mucho impulsiveness from those rams and fellow fire signs). Spring fever is definitely in the air, but …
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