PPCC’s Seven Booths at the What If…? Festival Draws Crowds

By Suzanne Seyfi, Staff Writer The What IF… Festival was held on six city blocks in downtown Colorado Springs last Saturday. It was a tremendous success, with almost 120 exhibitors and over 25,000 participants. PPCC had seven booths, all swarmed with interested people. Find Your Path, a contest people won by finding other booths, was …
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Zookeeping Provides Students with Wild Opportunities

By Marko Salopek Since its inception in 1995, the Zookeeping Technology program at PPCC has remained a small program housed in room A173B at the end of an obscure hallway on the Centennial campus. However, it has grown significantly in recent years, going from a mere 23 students in 2012 to 115 students in 2017. …
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