Trash Art Competition Fuels Creativity

By Camille Liptak

Congrats go out to the winners and participants of Tuesday’s Trash Art Competition and exhibition, which featured the works of 24 PPCC artists and students.

Sponsored by The Office of Sustainability, the Trash Art Competition aimed at promoting sustainability and increasing awareness about repurposing trash by giving students the opportunity to look at refuse through a new lense.

Participating artists were challenged to create wearable art pieces (clothes, masks, and jewelry) by reusing household and crafting materials otherwise intended for the landfill.

Lucas Neal won first place for his “Nature Sandals,” footwear constructed out of fleece, leather straps, fake flowers, turf, foam, and gold beads.

Naomi Hargis won 2nd place for her “Steampunk Goggles,” a combination of styrofoam, leather straps, rubber stoppers, and faux fur.

Hannah Biby received 3rd place for “Vintage Pualdron,” a plate armor made out of EVA foam, scrapbook paper, and newspaper from 1908.

And Dwan Petti received honorable mention for her photography sculpture, “Is it Art Yet?”.

All winners received PPCC Bookstore gift vouchers.

PPCC art students and teachers voted on the submitted pieces prior to the exhibition.

Studio space, supplies, and artist advice for the creation of the pieces was offered by Who Gives a Scrap

Some of the recycled raw materials used in the pieces included many household junk and throwaway items, including:

  • Fabric scraps, boxes, faux fur, and curtains
  • Photos, old mail, newspaper, and scrapbook paper
  • Shells, bells, fake flowers, and old cds
  • Rubber bands, lace, and yarn
  • Styrofoam, rubber, cork, and duck tape

For more information about The Office of Sustainability, contact Konrad Schlarbaum at


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