Trash Art Creates Climate Change Call-to-Action

By: Tara Alexander— Staff Writer

The Office of Sustainability’s Annual Trash Art Competition is now open! This year’s virtual event asks for climate change solutions and a fresh perspective at yesterday’s throw-aways. 

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to create artwork from reusable materials and raise awareness to climate concerns. Students who participate can win vouchers for the PPCC Bookstore valued up to $100. 

Through the Trash Art Competition, The Office of Sustainability challenges the PPCC community to “look at trash differently, seeing beauty and potential where there is waste.” 

Art media could come from beyond the trash bin— think recyclables, repurposed items and that pile of ‘not junk’ in the basement.

This event coincides with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Konrad Schlarbaum,  

Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability, explained, “We adopted the international Earth Day 2020 Theme of Climate Action in response to climate change, the most pressing problem of our time.” 

Entries should, “Illustrate both the problem (e.g. carbon pollution) and a solution (e.g. renewable energy) to this global issue,” Schlarbaum said.

There’s no artistic experience required, nor is there a limit on innovation. 

Recalling past entries, Schlarbaum said, “From an octopus made out of VHS tape to a Star Wars Death Star made from a wooden cable reel, I continue to be amazed at the excitement, creativity, and resourcefulness that the Trash Art Competition showcases every year.” 

Photo by Office of Sustainability, PPCC

The Student Life Team worked to ensure that the competition would continue in spite of the current pandemic conditions that have closed physical college campuses and mandated staying at home. 

This may encourage a sense of community as well as be a way for students to connect with each other in addition to learning more about climate concerns and solutions.

Trash Art Competition submissions are due April 19. 

The first round of judging, conducted by The Office of Sustainability, is scheduled for April 20-21 and narrows submissions to the top six. 

Of those, followers of PPCC Sustainability on Facebook and @SustainPPCC on Instagram will vote for the top three, and those winners will be announced on April 24. 

Visit the website to learn more.

Featured image by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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